Overture Named as Finalist in Folio Editorial Awards

The cover story for Overture's third isssue recognized for excellence.
Overture Staff

The cover story for Overture's third issue—Crisis Beyond Borders: The Refugee Issue—has been nominated as a finalist for "Editorial Use of Data" in Folio's 2019 Eddie & Ozzie Awards.

"Populations of Concern: Our World of Refugees" explains the importance of understanding the numbers behind the global refugee crisis. The definition of "refugee" can change depending on who's doing the counting and how they choose to classify those numbers. But there's also a whole spectrum of related data to consider. To properly understand and act on the refugee crisis, we must understand not just who is a refugee now, but how, where, and why significant populations of people are at risk for becoming refugees in the future.

The story makes use of data gathered from the United Nations and other sources to examine refugee hot spots around the world, highlighting the historical context of each along with the danger of the hot spot getting worse.

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Overture Global founder and CEO Donnovan Andrews said, "This recognition is particularly gratifying since the topic of the global refugee crisis is so urgently important and core to the Overture mission, vision, and position. It means a lot to be mentioned in the same category as CNET and Consumer Reports. Congratulations to the other finalists, and we look forward to doing more and raising the levels of conversations around these stories."