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Human Sounds

Announcing the kickoff of a brand new live music series! Human Sounds is a closely curated evening of rising artists on the verge of next-level prominence and creative evolution. Join this invitation-only event for a glimpse of these agents of change at the top of their game, brought to you by Overture Global.
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Feb 20, 2019. 21:30 pm
New York
OVERTURE 3RDACT MadisonMcferrin No Time to Lose

Digital Humanitarian™ Series

The demand for digital humanitarians has never been greater. By hosting events in New York, London, and elsewhere, Overture Global can facilitate connections with like-minded professionals interested in assembling, creating agendas, and activating strategies for social change.

Stem + HD

Bringing together women leaders and innovators for a one-day conference dedicated to using STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) as a platform to accelerate human development.

Antonia Hylton - What is Vice?

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October 26,2017


New York

Digital Humanitarian™ Series: Internet Connectivity as the Next Pillar of Human Rights

September 07,2017

Digital Humanitarian™ Series

New York

Nicholas Negroponte: Internet Connectivity as the Next Pillar of Human Rights

June 20,2017

Digital Humanitarian™ Series


How will Mobile Tech Lead to Financial Empowerment in the Developing World?

November 10,2016

Digital Humanitarian™ Series

New York

Gender Inclusion to Accelerate Innovation

July 19,2016

Overture Social Impact Gathering

New York

Overture Social Impact Gathering - Summer Mixer

March 16,2016

Digital Humanitarian™ Series

New York

Tech Solutions for the Developing World