Can Crypto Transform Nonprofit Fundraising?

Putting cryptocurrency to good use.
Tasha Williams
Connie Gallippi, BitGive’s founder and executive director: Can Crypto Transform Nonprofit Fundraising?

The BitGive Foundation wants to use cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to improve NGO access to donations, thereby helping to fund critical projects. BitGive provides the capability to cost-effectively and securely channel donations in Bitcoin as well as other currencies to Water Project, Save the Children, and similar organizations. 

BitGive launched five years ago to connect charities with individuals and companies who wished to make donations in Bitcoin. GiveTrack, the nonprofit’s flagship platform, and currently in beta, is built on a public ledger that provides donation-tracking information in real time. Donors receive notifications, sometimes including photos and videos, about their beneficiary project’s milestones through completion. 

Transparency and accountability, especially for cross-border donations, are highly valued capabilities in the competitive arena of nonprofit fundraising. Connie Gallippi, BitGive’s founder and executive director, began exploring the transformative potential of Bitcoin during the earliest years of the currency. According to a public presentation by Gallippi, a well project in Kenya was one of the company’s biggest efforts—the project raised over $18,000 in support and brought water to as many as 500 people.