Overture Global Publishes Issue 003 of Overture Magazine: The Refugee Issue

Overture Staff

The new issue of Overture magazine focuses on the critically important concerns of refugees, immigrants, migrants, and displaced people of all sorts. CRISIS BEYOND BORDERS: THE REFUGEE ISSUE examines the challenges of the global refugee crisis as well as a broad spectrum of approaches to help alleviate it. The expanding roster of Overture contributors includes writers from The Washington Post, The Economist, The Guardian, Vice, Wired, The Telegraph, Foreign Policy, Financial Times, CNN, Al Jazeera, NBC, New Scientist, and  LA Weekly among others. Our cover story and exclusive in-depth infographic highlight the often overlooked relationship between refugee populations and “populations of concern”—those at risk of becoming refugees—which is an important signal for just how severe a refugee crisis may become.

But that’s just the beginning. We visit Clarkston, Georgia, a small town that’s become an unlikely haven—if not a utopia—for resettled refugees in America. We explore examples of real, practical, innovative and in-the-field solutions to the problems of food and water supply that plague refugees. Then there’s the Tent Foundation, launched by Chobani founder Hamdi Uukaya to find ways for companies to integrate refugees into their workforce and systems—like the refugees who founded their own chocolate company. Climate change threatens the planet in many ways we’re only beginning to appreciate, including the creation of a whole new class of refugees and trapped populations. And more broadly, we debunk the wide range of myths that refugees present an economic danger to their host nations, when in fact refugee workers provide more benefits than risks. These are just a few of our refugee-focused original features.

Elsewhere in the issue, we cover the global community’s turn against Myanmar’s leader Aung San Suu Kyi, how politics divides approaches to humanitarian medicine, and the work of artist Helen Zughaib and conflict photographer Jonathan Alpeyrie, who also shot our cover.

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