Overture Global Launches Overture Magazine, Examining the Intersection of Innovation and a Better Society

On July 10, the first issue of Overture magazine will available at select newsstands (at Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million) and via subscription at https://overtureglobal.myshopify.com.
Donnovan Andrews

NEW YORK, July 9, 2018 – On July 10, the first issue of Overture magazine will available at select newsstands (at Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million) and via subscription at https://overtureglobal.myshopify.com. The prestige-format, print-only quarterly publication includes feature stories and news from around the world about the intersection of innovation and a better society. Overture covers subjects such as machine intelligence, refugee issues, water and food supply, infrastructure, sustainability, medicine, climate change, and social entertainment among many others, while also considering the economic, logistical, technological, and human side of delivering innovation where it is most needed worldwide.

Overture Global, publisher of Overture, has for some time cultivated a community to encourage innovation that advances the cause of human good by bringing leaders in tech and humanitarian development together in creative ways. Donnovan Andrews, Overture Global’s CEO and Founder, explains: “Overture magazine focuses on stories of positive, material change, as well as the people who are agents of change. Overture’s writers and audience are critically and passionately engaged in the topics we cover, and like them, we strongly believe that substantial improvement in life on Earth is an achievable and worthwhile goal for everyone. The magazine’s perspective mirrors Overture Global’s viewpoint of looking at the possibilities--from international to local, from social to personal—of driving innovation to answer the challenges facing humankind.”

Overture’s launch issue contains 70+ articles written by more than 60 international contributors. Among others, stories include a DIY refugee network built with mobile phones and radio; the coming end of currency; Facebook’s expanded blood drives; the new era of “clean meat”; IBM’s science for social good; drilling for magma energy in Iceland; how S’well is stepping up to help address the global water crisis; the true legacy of plastic waste; tech solutions for water and food security issues in South Asia; and the cover story, a model for how we can conceive, design, and build artificial intelligence focused on improving the lives of every global citizen.

Adds Andrews, “Overture highlights the many instances in which technology is already being used--by individuals, groups, organizations, companies, and governments--to better take care of each other and our planet. There are thousands of stories out there, including the societal-impact projects spearheaded in the private sector that most of us don’t know about; these projects are often outside of these companies’ normal business models and may surprise readers otherwise familiar with these organizations. We won’t be covering how much those companies are worth, or how wealthy they’ve made their investors. Plenty of other outlets already do those things. We’re not interested in corporate hype, but we are intrigued and encouraged by enthusiasm and passion. We look forward to highlighting fascinating and inspiring stories, large and small, that our readers can’t find elsewhere and will look forward to discovering with us.”

Single issues and subscriptions may be purchased through Overture magazine’s site. Each issue costs $12; a yearly subscription is discounted at $45. Overture also offers one-year subscribers an incentive, the opportunity to buy a S’well vacuum-insulated sustainable water bottle for only $7.

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