A Letter of Validation and Support from the former DSG of the UN

Overture Staff

On May 30, 2017, Jan Eliassonformer Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations, posted this exclusive letter of support on the website of Overture – a leader of digital humanitarianism working to enact change by bringing together major international tech, corporate, and media firms with governmental agencies and humanitarian organizations (to ultimately develop and support technological solutions that alleviate issues plaguing humanity).
The Honorable Mr. Eliasson notes: “We are living during the largest humanitarian refugee crisis the world has seen since the end of WWII. Now – more than ever – we must remain committed and steadfast in our convictions as human beings to advance prosperity, societal mobility, and education through innovation and partnership. Now is the time to accept the humanitarian imperative and ask ourselves... what can and should we be doing?”
Overture founder Donnovan Andrews adds: “Just over a year ago, we launched Overture with the sole purpose of bringing technology to the forefront of solutions and endeavors to improve the human condition worldwide. We are excited to announce the former Deputy Secretary General is aligned with our mission and has drafted, with us, a plea to the global community about why advancing this dialogue is crucial.”

To support its panel-discussion events, and growth toward delivery of technological solutions for humanitarian needs, Overture works with organizational members such as: Johnson & Johnson Innovation, United Nations, T3, DataKind, OCHA, USAID, IRC, World Policy Institute, and many others.
MediaLink CEO Michael Kassan calls Overture, “An organization that is needed now more than ever.” And, Sehra Eusufzai, former Executive Director of Global Brand Strategy at IBM, describes Overture’s events and mission as, "thought provoking, with precision and purpose in their ambitions.”

OVERTURE is headquartered in New York. Our goal is to advance and curate the intersection between technology and humanitarianism: Digital Humanitarianism™. We foster periodic gatherings to establish meaningful dialogues, and to strategically activate the development and support of regional and global tech solutions to help solve issues plaguing humanity. www.overtureglobal.io

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